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This is a rare opportunity to be exposed to a unique show combining singing and healing through various musical forms and be moved by accessing valuable ancient knowledge

Andalusic Women's Choir – Nuba:

In order to make a change and create a space for "women singing piyyut", bringing women to the fore and to be part of the renewing way of piyyut in Israel and all over the world, Ziva founded Nuba Andalusic Women choir of which she is both conductor and manager. The Choir is a pioneering and unique initiative in the field of piyyut and gets it's inspiration from the non-Jewish Andalusic women's choir from the Iberian Island and North Africa. It is the first of its kind to sing classic Andalusic music in Hebrew. 


Ziva used to say: "If singing brings you close to the Throne, then women's singing brings you even closer". She also said: " The grand singing of women rises and mincingly works the melody", quoted from her song, "La Lingua de caza", telling about her past and announcing her aspirations for the future.

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