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This is a rare opportunity to be exposed to a unique show combining singing and healing through various musical forms and be moved by accessing valuable ancient knowledge


Soul singer, Ziva Atar, is one of the first pioneering piyyut singers in Israel. She was born and grew up living in Jerusalem.

She was gifted with the gift of special and unique song and music.


Her Journey of Song began at a very young age at her parents’ home

Her style is richly embedded with the Andalusian Spanish tradition in all its layers (Ladino, Hakitia- the Moroccan dialect of Ladino, Jewish Maroccan and the Holy language) and serves as an inexhaustible spring from which she draws her inspiration till today.

Ziva studied the subjects of Bible,  folklore and musicology at the Hebrew University

She also studied Flamenco singing in the flamenco school in Sevillia (Spain) and voice development according to the Werbeck method.

She further studied five years piutim song also under Rabbi Haim Louk, greatest Moroccan Paytan in the country today and was a private student to Rabbi David Buzaglo.


During her academic studies she worked on folklore research in the "Phonoteca" Ethnic music Department at the Hebrew University. 

Ziva is gifted with a gentle, soothing and embracing voice calling from the depths and opening the gates of the heart.

Her voice quality ensuing from a rich life experience brings about great charm, personal style and a special skilful performance.

Her voice healing properties integrated with extensive knowledge in healing returns us to ancient times when the sick was healed through song and musical "maqam".

Ziva has several CD’s on the market, her debut being "Duda”, also the name of her band, featuring cover versions of familiar Ladino songs as well as Spanish and Hebrew songs. Her second CD also available is called "Jewish Flamenco"

In 2003 she started the band Duda – a Soul Band performing with special connections between Andalusian music, Spanish Ladino and the Holy language.

Ziva founded and established an Andalusic women’s choir called Nuba.

Ziva performs on a variety of stages in Israel and abroad.

 she won first place in the Ladino song festival of 2005 with the song “La Lingua de Caza” (Mother tongue) for which she composed and wrote the lyrics for. The same song won the Song of the Decade at the Ladino Festival in 2011.

 She also got second place for composing the poems of Uri Tzvi Greenberg.



Her voice’s curing ability allows her to assist people to improve their lives and realize their personal capacity.

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