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For more information call: 972 (0) 54-5213412

This is a rare opportunity to be exposed to a unique show combining singing and healing through various musical forms and be moved by accessing valuable ancient knowledge

To order a CD please call: 972 (0) 2- 6783036


Duda in Jewish Moroccan Arabic is the metaphor of a good "worm" that exists within a person – it's the "worm" of singing. In the Bible, "Duda" (singular for "Dudaim") is a healing herb and in Song of Songs it reminds of the Herb of Love. In great measure, Ziva's CD ties between the "singing worm" and the longing of beauty and healing. 



Jewish Flamenco” is a unique CD of Spanish-Jewish piyyut song. Ziva Atar reveals the natural connection between Jewish soul music, Andalusian classical music and Flamenco, Ladino and Hakitia traditions. As a paytanit, Ziva marries classical Jewish texts with lively Flamenco rhythms and an organic mix of Spanish, Arabic and Hebrew musical elements. Jewish Flamenco brings well known favorites alongside contemporary original works such as Atar’s “Sefat Ha-Bayit.”


The CD's are charged with healing vibration. You can be in contact with Ziva to receive instruction on how to use the CD for it's healing qualities. 

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